Protecting Your IP Assets in a "Technology Divorce"


Joint ventures, licensing agreements, and other commercial relationships often center on the sharing of technology. When those relationships end, break down, or are abused, the parties often face complex disputes over the use or abuse of proprietary technology. Arbitration can be an effective tool for managing the challenges of these disputes. But to be effective, the parties need to both draft for those challenges in their contracts and make good use of arbitration's flexibility when a dispute arises.

During this session, Baker Botts Partners, Jay AlexanderEdward Schorr, Stephen Burke, Lucas Pitts, and Neil Coulson will discuss the nature of those challenges and how to draft for them.

Central to our discussion will be:

  • Using arbitration’s flexibility to manage common challenges in technology disputes, such as expertise of decision makers, speed of resolution and protection of proprietary information;
  • Essential drafting tools for arbitration clauses, including special terms and special rules; and
  • Ideas for effective and enforceable substantive clauses to protect technology when things go wrong

If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact Marie Carey.

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