Cybersecurity - Is Your Company Prepared?


Cyber-crime and cyber-attacks are increasingly hitting the headlines and represent a whole new world of risk for companies. Attacks of this nature can have significant financial and reputational implications, not to mention the widespread corporate disruption they can cause. The same risks face businesses and government institutions across all sectors in the Middle East region and no one is immune to an attack. With so much at stake, the cybersecurity challenge has to be the domain of senior management and not rest solely with the IT department. There are many steps that companies can take to address and mitigate the risks, and respond appropriately when a compromise occurs. 

The proposed interactive workshop will be presented by Baker Botts partner Abdullah Mutawi who leads the firm's Middle East technology and cyber security practice. 

The workshop will equip you with valuable practical and legal knowledge and will cover the following topics:
  • The cyber threat environment and points of vulnerability 
  • Best practices to prepare against cyber threats 
  • Effective legal strategies to mitigate risk 
  • Post-breach incident response including potential litigation 
  • Deep dive into the recent attacks on institutions in KSA and other GCC states

For more information about the workshop click here. If you have any questions, please contact Marie Carey.