What Now? Environmental Regulation in a Trump Presidency


Donald Trump's election promises to have a major impact on U.S. environmental policy, as the President-elect has made no secret of his belief that American businesses are overregulated. After the inauguration, many of the signature environmental initiatives of the Obama administration are likely to be revisited. Meanwhile, some of these initiatives and others will continue winding their way through the courts and agencies over the last months of the current administration.

Please join Baker Botts environmental lawyers Megan Berge, Molly Cagle, Tom Jackson, Jennifer KeaneMatt Kuryla, Scott Janoe, Debra Jezouit and Derek McDonald for a roundtable discussion of “what’s next” on:

  • Clean Power Plan
  • Waters of the United States
  • MSS SIP Call
  • Methane Rule
  • NPDES Permits Proposal on Federalizing State Permits
  • EPA Enforcement Initiatives, Including Flaring and RMP/General Duty
  • MATS Rule
  • NAAQS - Ozone and SO2
  • Oil and Gas ICR and 111(d) Rulemaking
  • Regional Haze, including Reasonable Progress Rule and Texas and Louisiana BART
  • Endangered Species Act Listing Initiatives
  • Clean Air Act – Interstate Transport
  • Keystone XL Pipeline Presidential Permit
  • BLM Rules on Hydraulic Fracturing on Federal Lands

For questions regarding this webinar, please contact Brittany Frederic.


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