Clean Law Institute Webinar: Departing Employees and Data Breaches: Policies, Procedures, and Practical Advice


Baker Botts Partner Jennifer M. Trulock will speak at the Clear Law Institute Webinar: Departing Employees and Data Breaches: Policies, Procedures, and Practical Advice on Wednesday, February 17, 2016.

When employees depart, data security becomes paramount. The consequences from actual and perceived data leaks by departing employees can be devastating for both employer and employees!

At this CLE program on departing employees and data security, you will learn about the legal, technological, and practical steps which employers, employees and their attorneys can take to minimize the risks of insider data security breaches and how to limit the damage from such data leaks. While the focus will be on data loss/breaches by departing employees, we will also address more generally the increasing incidents of insider data security breaches, the problems involved in protecting sensitive data from employees who have been given access to it, and the legal issues that can arise when employers accuse ex-employees of disseminating sensitive information is disseminated without authorization.

What You Will Learn

Topics to be covered include:
  • how to draft and enforce policies and agreements to prevent data loss by departing employees, including Bring-Your-Own-Devices policies
  • how to anticipate and detect potential data breaches by departing employers
  • how to coordinate internal and external resources to prevent, detect and respond to data leaks
  • how to respond to a threatened or actual data breach involving an out-going employee, including ethical considerations
  • which claims and defenses may arise out of data breaches involving former employees and their new employers
  • how to avoid common missteps and mistakes when dealing with data breaches by ex-employees
  • how to limit legal and regulatory exposure from data breaches by former employees


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