Flight to Freedom 3.0

Baker Botts is proud to be a Marquee Sponsor of the Flight to Freedom 3.0. The firm has partnered with Blossom Ventures since its inaugural summit in 2013. Flight to Freedom is designed to enhance collaboration between vibrant entrepreneurial communities in the United States and other groups from around the world. F2F believes that the success of a region depends upon open communication between academics, entrepreneurs, government officials, financiers & other specialists. F2F's goal is to propel entrepreneurship in an efficient manner by pre-planning private meetings & group introductions within the general F2F networking format. The “pay it forward” spirit at the event provides the foundation for lasting relationships where friends do business with friends.



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Kayo Women Energy Summit

Baker Botts is a proud supporter of the 2020 Kayo Women's Energy Summit in Houston on September 9 and 10.

Arthrex: Advocating For Your Client

Partner Eliot Williams will be speaking on an Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO) webinar covering the substantial and fast-moving legal activity already unleashed by the Arthrex decision. 

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