Tamar C. Stanley

Department Chair - Tax (New York & Washington) Partner

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Washington, D.C.

P: +1.202.639.7736 F: +1.202.585.1062
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  • Acquisition of Formula One by Liberty Media Corporation
  • Sale of Starz to Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation
  • 2016 Spin-off of CommerceHub, Inc. by Liberty Interactive Corporation
  • Recapitalization of Liberty Media Corporation’s outstanding stock into three tracking stock groups and subsequent rights offering on behalf of its Braves Group
  • Acquisition of zulily, inc. by Liberty Interactive Corporation
  • Combination of Provide Commerce, Inc. and FTD Companies
  • 2014 Spin-off of a Liberty Interactive Corporation subsidiary owning Buyseasons, Inc. and a controlling interest in TripAdvisor, Inc.
  • Representation of Liberty Media Corporation in connection with its offering of $1 billion of cash convertible notes and entry into privately negotiated cash convertible note hedge and warrant transactions
  • Acquisition by Liberty Media Corporation of a 27.3% equity interest in Charter Communications
  • 2013 Spin-off pursuant to which Starz and Liberty Media Corporation became separate publicly traded companies
  • Acquisition of a 16.6% convertible preferred stock interest in Barnes & Noble by Liberty Media Corporation
  • 2011 Split-off of Liberty Interactive Corporation’s Liberty Capital and Liberty Starz tracking stock groups by means of a redemptive transaction for mirror tracking stocks of a subsidiary
  • Acquisition of an IAC/InterActiveCorp subsidiary owning the Evite and Gifts.com businesses and cash in exchange for Liberty Media Corporation's equity stake in IAC/InterActiveCorp
  • Representation of Liberty Media Chairman, John C. Malone, and certain of his affiliates in a $1 billion stock exchange with DIRECTV
  • Representation of QVC, Inc. in connection with its offering of $1 billion in senior secured notes
  • 2009 Split-off of Liberty Entertainment, Inc., owning 57% of The DirecTV Group, Inc., 65% of GSN, three regional sports networks and cash, and the subsequent combination of Liberty Entertainment and The DirecTV Group
  • Representation of a motor sports promoter in its formation of a joint venture to build a casino
  • Representation of Mediacom Communications Corporation in connection with its redemption of Morris Communications’ equity stake in Mediacom in exchange for a company owning cable assets and cash
  • Acquisition of a News Corp. subsidiary owning a 41 percent interest in The DirecTV Group, Inc., three regional sports networks and cash in a tax-free exchange for Liberty Media Corporation’s 16.3 percent stake in News Corp
  • Acquisition of a Time Warner Inc. subsidiary owning the Atlanta Braves MLB Club, Leisure Arts, Inc. and cash in a $1.5 billion tax-free exchange for shares of Time Warner common stock owned by Liberty Media Corporation
  • Restructuring of Liberty Media Corporation’s capital structure, resulting in the issuance of two groups of “tracking stocks,” Liberty Interactive common stock and Liberty Capital common stock and the creation of a new public parent company
  • $3.5 billion combination of the businesses of Liberty Media International, Inc., and cable operator UnitedGlobalCom, Inc., through mergers with subsidiaries of a newly formed parent company, Liberty Global, Inc.
  • Acquisition of a 57 percent interest in QVC, Inc., from Comcast Corporation by then minority shareholder, funded with a combination of cash, equity and simultaneous debt offerings
  • Formation of a joint venture between Liberty Digital, Inc. and Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. to operate Game Show Network
  • Acquisition of Tele-Communications, Inc., by AT&T Corp., which involved the issuance of AT&T common stock and Liberty Media Group “tracking stock” to former shareholders of TCI