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  • BrightEdge Technologies, Inc. v. Martinez, et al., 113-CV-256794 (Cal. Sup. Ct. Santa Clara)—representing BrightEdge in trade secret misappropriation case against its competitor and former employees, including integral involvement in discovery, motion practice, and case strategy.
  • BrightEdge Technologies, Inc. v. Searchmetrics, GmbH et al., 3:14-cv-1009-WHO (N.D. Cal.)—representing BrightEdge in patent litigation against its competitor, including integral involvement in pre-litigation analysis, discovery strategy, and motion practice.
  • Eagle Canyon Owners' Association v. Waste Management, Inc. and Waste Management of California, Inc., 3:16-cv-02811-LAB-WVG (S. D. Cal.)—assisted in getting class action case dismissed at pleadings stage.
  • Intellectual Ventures I LLC v. AT&T Mobility LLC et al., 1:12-cv-00193-LPS (D. Del.); Intellectual Ventures II v. AT&T Mobility LLC et al., 13-cv-1631-LPS (D. Del.)—lead associate managing sizeable damages case for AT&T Mobility in consolidated patent cases with more than 15 asserted patents related to messaging, wireless voice infrastructure, Wi-Fi, and directory assistance.
  • Fields v. Tucker, et al., No. 13-16659 (9th Cir.)—represented pro bono appellant-prisoner asserting violation of his Eighth Amendment rights under 42 U.S.C. § 1983.
  • MD Insider, Inc. v. Brosso, 15-cv-2395-DMS-NLS (S.D. Cal.)—lead associate representing MD Insider in case against a former executive for breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty.
  • Meritage Data Inc. v. MD Insider, Inc., 15-cv-3610-KPF (S.D.N.Y)—lead associate representing MD Insider in contract dispute ordered to arbitration.
  • Lenz v. Salem Partners, LLC et al., CGC-15-548546 (Cal. Sup. Ct. San Francisco)—lead associate managing Salem Partner's defense against employment discrimination, wrongful termination, and trade secret misappropriation claims.
  • TracBeam, LLC v. AT&T Inc. et al., 6:11-cv-00096-LED (E.D. Tex.)—integral involvement from discovery to pre-trial representing AT&T in a location-based services patent case, which settled on the eve of trial.