Jeff Munk


Washington, D.C.

P: +1.202.639.7841 F: +1.202.639.1198
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Jeff Munk advises clients on strategies for high-stakes government relations matters before Congress and the Executive Branch. He focuses his practice on taxation, energy, transportation, and international relations.

Called “eminently knowledgeable, highly respected and well connected” and  “deeply familiar with financial services” by the Cayman Compass’ editorial board (October 20, 2017), Munk’s previous client “gave him the highest grades.”

In addition to private practice, Jeff has served as Legislative Counsel to a U.S. Senator, as a law clerk for the United States Tax Court, and as counsel to a presidential election campaign.

Related Experience

  • Enacting a tax regime for fractional ownership business aviation companies
  • Expanding the statute authorizing the Department of Energy loan guarantee program to cover advanced technology manufacturing in the United States by international auto manufacturers
  • Leading the effort to prevent a one-size-fits-all proposed regulation from applying new flight duty rules to cargo airline pilots
  • Counseling an offshore financial association on U.S. extra-territorial taxation and banking laws
  • Leading a coalition of airlines, cities and airports to reform the Wright Amendment, a law preventing most interstate flights from Love Field, Texas
  • Expanded the 2004 manufacturing tax cut to include oil refining and ensured that international companies’ U.S. manufacturing operations are treated equally with other manufacturers in the United States
  • Leading a team for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute of Legal Reform on asbestos litigation reform legislation
  • Advocating enactment of legislation to revise the taxation of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
  • Leading a coalition that stopped the U.S. Congress from overturning Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and appellate court decisions on state energy taxes
  • Creating an aircraft industry coalition that enacted legislation to ease the transition to newer, quieter commercial aircraft
  • Leading an effort to combat overly restrictive “Buy America” laws with a favorable outcome
  • Revising a U.S. Postal Service regulation inhibiting charitable fundraising


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