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  • Telecommunications provider (Utah): received judgment of invalidity or dismissal of all claims of twelve patents asserted by a competitor; the dispute spanned three district court lawsuits in Wisconsin and numerous inter partes review proceedings at the PTAB. Mr. Gray examined and cross-examined expert witnesses at trial, presented oral argument at PTAB proceedings, and led a team of approximately fifteen attorneys through discovery and trial.
  • Commercial crane manufacturer (Wisconsin): received limited exclusion order on behalf of complainant in an ITC investigation involving claims of trade secret misappropriation and patent infringement; after trial, the ALJ found (and the Commission affirmed) that the respondents violated Section 337; Mr. Gray examined key fact and expert technical witnesses at trial, led pre-hearing and post-hearing briefing and managed day-to-day activities of the team throughout the fast-paced ITC investigation.
  • Medical device manufacturer (Illinois): received full dismissal on behalf of start-up client three months after a large competitor filed a complaint alleging patent infringement; the case was dismissed shortly after Mr. Gray received a favorable ruling curtailing the scope of plaintiffs’ claims.
  • Outdoor equipment and fitness product manufacturers (Texas): developed and executed patent, trademark, and trade dress procurement and enforcement programs related to the sale of infringing and counterfeit products; including licensing, pre-litigation assertion, and litigation.
  • Sunscreen manufacturer (Texas): received dismissal on behalf of sunscreen manufacturer shortly after the court denied competitor's motion for a preliminary injunction based on alleged trademark and trade dress infringement; Mr. Gray led briefing and oral argument in response to plaintiff's motion for a preliminary injunction.
  • Medical device manufacturer (Texas): conducted diligence and negotiated multi-patent cross-license on behalf of emerging company in response to allegations of patent infringement from large competitor.
  • Electronic payment processing providers (New York, Texas): received judgment of invalidity on behalf of group of defendants after bench trial in patent infringement case brought by a large competitor relating to credit card factoring; also secured a summary affirmance on appeal to the Federal Circuit; Mr. Gray led the team from case inception through appeal, examined fact and expert technical witnesses at deposition and trial, and delivered the closing argument for all defendants at trial.
  • Computer software developer (California, New York): received settlement shortly after favorable claim construction and summary judgment proceedings in a patent infringement case relating to software programming; Mr. Gray handled all depositions and led Markman and summary judgment proceedings on behalf of the plaintiff.
  • Prepaid debit card provider (Texas): received settlement shortly after favorable claim construction ruling in a patent infringement case relating to money transfers; Mr. Gray took inventor depositions and led Markman briefing and argument.