Andrew George

Special Counsel

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Washington, D.C.

P: +1.202.639.7764 F: +1.202.585.7890
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  • Defended an interventional cardiologist against accusations of healthcare fraud and false statements
  • Defended the CEO of WebMD's Medical Manager Corp. after indictment for money laundering and fraud
  • Defended a distributor of dental supplies against price fixing allegations
  • Conducted internal investigations for numerous international corporations in response to DOJ subpoenas and whistleblower complaints
  • Provided anti-bribery risk assessment and due diligence in connection with corporate acquisitions and joint ventures
  • Defended a transportation network company against Pennsylvania enforcement authorities
  • Represented an insurance agency in a dispute involving a theft of computer files and breaches of fiduciary duty
  • Defended Japanese inventors in a dispute with an international South Korean company involving allegations of misappropriation of LCD-related trade secrets, granted summary judgment, argued before the Federal Circuit
  • Defended a large pharmaceutical corporation against patent inventors raising breach of contract and tort claims
  • Defended a large paper goods manufacturer against an oil company in a tort dispute
  • Defended a large computer company against a former executive in a dispute over stock options
  • Protected a SWAT officer from improper disclosure of personally identifying information
  • Defended an oppressed Bolivian immigrant facing deportation, asylum was granted in the United States
  • Served as lead counsel in at least 10 cases of potential wrongful conviction, including dual-representation of criminal defendant facing cold-case capital murder charges in Alabama, simultaneous with ongoing effort to exonerate him for a wrongful attempted-murder conviction in Virginia, argued twice before the Virginia Supreme Court (co-counsel with Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project)