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P: +1.713.229.1108 F: +1.713.229.2808

Ali Dhanani works with media and telecommunication companies to protect their intellectual property and defend against claims of infringement, especially for competitor patent cases.

His cases focus on disputes relating to telecommunications, semiconductors, Internet of Things, Oilfield tools, and a variety of software technologies. He also has significant experience in assisting companies develop their software technology portfolio, particularly with using and implementing Internet of Things technologies.

He has also advised companies on blockchain based development strategies, including in the healthcare and energy industries, to assist them with navigating the current legal landscape and build their intellectual property.

Ali designed and teaches the Procedure of Patent Litigation course as an Adjunct Professor at The University of Houston Law Center. Ali also served as an associate editor for, a site providing research information and patent litigation statistics on recent patent law decisions in U.S. courts at

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