Amy Conway-Hatcher


Conway-Hatcher, Amy

Washington, D.C.

P: +1.202.639.1306 F: +1.202.639.1197
  • Represented Fortune 500 company in criminal enforcement investigation regarding sale of prescription medicines and related practices; led investigation and defense of company, including advocacy strategy and remediation.
  • Represented Fortune 250 client in global assessment of anti-bribery/anti-corruption compliance processes and risk; evaluated effectiveness of prior investigations, third party due diligence, reporting and approval systems and other processes.
  • Represented multiple individuals in the Office of Special Counsel Investigation related to possible FARA violations. Represent multiple individuals in separate trade sanctions, anti-bribery and government contracts fraud investigations.
  • Represented foreign company in US trade sanctions matter and related delisting issues before Office of Foreign Assets Control.
  • Represented a global Fortune 500 technology company in investigation of payment irregularities (including bribes, kickbacks, financial misappropriation and bidding improprieties) in Latin America and Europe; advised on extensive remediation measures.
  • Represented a major life sciences company in a complex, multi-national criminal and civil investigation concerning an alleged U.S. trade sanction and other violations involving sales in the Middle East and Africa; led an extensive cross-border internal investigation and defense of U.S. and non-U.S. companies before multiple U.S. government agencies; advised on extensive remediation measures; negotiated civil resolutions with substantial penalty reductions and closure of criminal matter.
  • Represented a global consumer goods company regarding the investigation and defense of the company related to possible third party payments implicating SDN/TCO regulations enforced by OFAC; "no action" letter granted.
  • Represented an aerospace company in a U.S. government inquiry regarding compliance with U.S. export regulations for sales to China, prompted by an apparent whistleblower inquiry; conducted the investigation, advised on procedural improvements and reported to multiple U.S. agencies, resulting in no action.
  • Represented an audit committee and related investigation of a foreign private issuer regarding various senior employment matters and the impact on a possible U.S. IPO and related SEC disclosures.
  • Represented a major Asia-based life sciences company involving a myriad of U.S. and foreign compliance, regulatory and corporate governance issues, including the investigation of anti-corruption/FCPA and other matters in more than 10 countries in Latin America and related disclosures to the U.S. Department of Justice; also included the development and implementation of comprehensive, global remedial measures and the integration of enhanced compliance measures into sales and marketing strategies.
  • Represented an audit committee for an aerospace company in connection with potential procurement, export control, government contracting and commercial litigation issues related to foreign government sales in Asia; related negotiations involving trade partners and foreign government agencies, as well as licensing by a U.S. government agency; no enforcement actions and renegotiations of related procurement and trade partner contracts were implemented.
  • Represented a global manufacturer of chemical and industrial products involving potential U.S. and foreign regulatory issues in more than 25 countries in Central Asia and Europe, including related disclosures to regulators in the U.S. and Europe.
  • Served as a member of the lead investigating counsel team for an international bank in federal and state investigations and a settlement of enforcement actions related to mutual fund market timing practices.
  • Represented a leading pharmaceutical company in the assessment and investigation of sales and marketing practices.
  • Represented a leading foam manufacturer in connection with an investigation of anti-corruption issues in Asia, including related remediation and the development of a global anti-corruption compliance program.
  • Represented a global glass fiber technology company in connection with an assessment of international regulatory issues related to the acquisition of overseas operations in Europe and the Central Asian Republic; included the investigation, remediation and development of an integration plan for certain target operations/sites.
  • Represented a high performance specialty chemical company in connection with the handling of designated List I chemicals and related disclosures.
  • Represented trustees of a retirement and annuity fund in a special independent investigation to evaluate the effectiveness of certain senior management functions and the compliance reporting structure.