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Palo Alto

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  • Representing a leading medical device company in multiple IPR proceedings involving a competitor.
  • Representing a leading video game company in an IPR proceeding.
  • In Fall of 2016, received a dismissal of a Delaware lawsuit without any payment for a leading ride-share provider prior to even formally responding to the Complaint.
  • In Fall of 2016, received a Federal Circuit decision for a leading video stream provider affirming a Final Written Decision by the PTAB invalidating claims asserted against his client.
  • In Spring of 2016, represented a leading financial services company defending against a claim of patent infringement in the Eastern District of Texas. Prior to having to file an Answer, received a walkaway dismissal with prejudice for the client.
  • Representing leading telecommunications provider in patent infringement case related to internet filtering.
  • Representing leading streaming video provider in various IP related matters, including litigation defense, multiple IPRs and CBMs, and two Federal Circuit Appeals.
  • Representing leading semiconductor company in patent dispute regarding integrated circuit buses.
  • Represented a leading medical device company in litigation regarding a patent related to 3D medical imaging. The case was quickly settled.
  • Represented industry leader in four separate litigations, more than 15 IPR proceedings, as well as Federal Circuit appeals involving telecommunication software and products. Conducted two jury trials, including arguing motions before the court, and taking of inventor and expert witnesses. After more than 3 years of litigation, 11 out of the 15 patents asserted against client have been invalidated, another 3 unilaterally dropped by the plaintiff, and the 15th patent has an IPR proceeding instituted against it and is awaiting trial before the PTAB.
  • After threatened assertion of a large patent portfolio by semiconductor processing competitor, led negotiations which resulted in competitor walking away from original assertions.
  • Represented leading router manufacturer in an ITC investigation and corresponding District of Delaware litigation involving Power-over-Ethernet technology. Only weeks before ITC trial, petitioner unilaterally dropped the entire investigation.*
  • Represented leading software company in patent litigation in the United States District Court for the District of Delaware relating to certain technologies used in enterprise software. The case settled very favorably.*
  • Represented one of the largest cell phone manufacturers in the world in various patent litigations in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas relating to transmission technology. The case settled favorably.*
  • Represented a car component manufacturer in patent litigation in the United States District Court for the Western District of North Carolina related to turbocharger technology. The day after winning numerous pre-trial motions and just prior to jury selection, the case settled favorably.*
  • Represented leading semiconductor and processor company in various litigations concerning 802.11, CDMA2000, Bluetooth and other wireless technologies in the Eastern District of Texas. The case settled favorably on the eve of trial.*

*Prior to joining Baker Botts