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Palo Alto

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Harper Batts has more than a decade of experience as an intellectual property litigator and client counselor. He has represented numerous Fortune 50 clients in highly contentious patent litigation disputes in many different venues, including Texas, Delaware, California, New Jersey, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and the Federal Circuit. His experience includes leading several large joint defense groups in complex cases involving numerous patents and accused product lines.

Mr. Batts has represented patent challengers and patent owners in more than 25 CBM and IPR proceedings. He has extensive experience in cases before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. He has also spoken about and written publications concerning his experience and insights concerning post-grant proceedings.

Mr. Batts also has experience representing clients in other venues, including the United States Court of Appeal for the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, the International Trade Commission and district courts known for their patent litigation cases, including the Northern District of California and the Eastern District of Texas.

In addition to his extensive IP litigation experience, Mr. Batts has conducted negotiations between direct competitors, as well as conducting due diligence regarding the potential acquisition of large patent portfolios.

Mr. Batts is experienced in numerous technology areas, including semiconductors, computer software, e-commerce, wireless technology, telecommunications, medical devices and hardware technology.

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