Life Sciences Industry

“A formidable market force with skillful lawyers you can depend on to get the job done.‘”-Chambers USA

Since ‘life sciences’ was first used as a term nearly 70 years ago, it has evolved into an industry that generates an ever-increasing range of technological, medical and legal challenges. Baker Botts lawyers counsel clients navigating the complexities of operating successfully in the life sciences industry.

Firm lawyers represent clients in product-related class action litigation and have done so for more than 25 years. Our Pharmaceutical Practice serves as national coordinating and regional counsel for over 20 manufacturers and nearly 100 prescription drug and medical device products. Our lawyers have defended more than 9,000 cases for the pharmaceutical industry alone.

We understand the most complex technology, so we communicate equally, comfortably and confidently with managers and scientists. Many of our lawyers have worked in the private sector in science and engineering disciplines, so we understand and translate complex technology to make it comprehendible to a jury. When needed or desired to achieve a client’s objectives, we also have extensive experience working with our clients to find a business solution outside the courtroom-often a negotiated settlement or resolution pursuant to alternative dispute resolution.

Our practice is more than defending clients. Firm lawyers provide prelitigation risk assessments, label/warning reviews and preparation for interaction with the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and other governmental agencies. They also handle product liability claims in parallel with ongoing governmental, criminal and administrative proceedings and advise clients during voluntary and involuntary product recalls.

Baker Botts lawyers have put their skills to work for a wide range of clients in almost every field that touches life sciences. Clients include established and emerging pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology companies; universities and research institutions; and start-up and early stage companies. The firm’s client base ranges from public to private companies and from entities managed by only a few individuals to large complex businesses.

In the biotechnology area, Baker Botts clients have created innovations in research tools, diagnostic imagining and assays, novel chemicals and production methods, pharmaceuticals and cutting-edge DNA-and RNA-based inventions. Areas in which firm lawyers have particular experience include gene therapy, bioagriculture, biochemical assays and use of biopolymers in humans.

We have a deep understanding of the industries we serve and that knowledge provides us with the ability to deliver better solutions.