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Name Title Office Phone Email
Ragusa, Paul A. Partner New York +1.212.408.2588
Ramanathan, Lakshmi Associate Houston +1.713.229.1391
Ramirez, Richard Associate Houston +1.713.229.1471
Rancher, Clint Senior Associate Houston +1.713.229.1820
Rasool, Zarah Associate London +44.20.7726.3486
Ratcliffe, Rachel Associate Austin +1.512.322.2556
Rayburn, Douglass M. Partner Dallas +1.214.953.6634
Read, James L. Of Counsel Houston +1.713.229.1439
Reekie, Jenna Associate Dallas +1.214.953.6916
Reilly, Paul J. Partner Dallas , New York +1.214.953.6849
Reyes, Beverly Special Counsel New York +1.212.408.2572
Reynolds, Catherine Scientific Advisor Dallas +1.214.953.6798
Reynolds, William Bradford Senior Counsel Washington +1.202.639.7801
Rhodes, Tammy Pennington Special Counsel Houston +1.713.229.1972
Rich, Harrison Associate Dallas +1.214.953.6896
Rill, James F. Senior Counsel Washington +1.202.639.7883
Rishkofski, Melinda Partner Moscow +7.495.660.4100
Ritter, Michael Associate New York +1.212.408.2552
Robinson, Justine Associate Houston +1.713.229.1392
Rocha, Jason Partner Houston +1.713.229.1558
Rodriguez, Cristina Espinosa Partner Houston +1.713.229.1188
Romo, Carlos Senior Associate Austin +1.512.322.2579
Rooney, Thomas Senior Associate Houston +1.713.229.1762
Rose, Kelly Brunetti Partner Houston +1.713.229.1796
Rowley, Mark Partner London +44.20.7726.3409
Rozier-Byrd, Terence Special Counsel New York +1.212.408.2573
Rubenstein, Jonathan Partner Dallas +1.214.953.6594
Rubenstein, Julie Associate Washington +1.202.639.1302
Russell, Sally Senior Associate Austin +1.512.322.2606
Ryan, Jay T. Partner Washington +1.202.639.7789