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Name Title Office Phone Email
MacAvoy, Christopher J. Partner Washington +1.202.639.7709
Macdonald, Neil Senior Associate Hong Kong +852.3601.9226
Maier, Robert Partner New York +1.212.408.2538
Malaise, Charles Senior Associate Washington +1.202.639.1117
Mallick, Allison Watkins Associate Washington +1.202.639.7754
Mandell, Josh Partner Dallas +1.214.953.6508
Mann, Laura Katherine Associate Houston +1.713.229.1164
Mann, Stephen C. Associate Dallas +1.214.953.6485
Mansinghani, Roshan Senior Associate Dallas +1.214.953.6737
Marchand, Sterling Associate Washington +1.202.639.1113
Marcus, Stephen D. Partner Dallas +1.214.953.6533
Marshall, James Senior Associate Houston +1.713.229.1156
Martin, John W. Partner Palo Alto +1.650.739.7555
Martin, Thomas C. Senior Associate Washington +1.202.639.7752
Maser, Gabe L. Associate Washington +1.202.639.7805
Massad, Stephen Partner Houston +1.713.229.1475
Matthews, Stephen Partner Dubai , Riyadh +971.4.436.3630
Mayo, Kent Partner Washington +1.202.639.1122
Mayor, James H. Partner Houston +1.713.229.1749
McArdle, Hamish Partner London +44.20.7726.3430
McClelland, Scott Associate Dallas +1.214.953.6776
McCormick, Chad S. Partner Houston +1.713.229.1873
McDermand, Sarah J. Associate Houston +1.713.229.1390
McDermett Jr., Don J. Partner Dallas +1.214.953.6454
McDonagh, Sean Associate New York +1.212.408.2543
McDonald, Derek R. Partner Austin +1.512.322.2667
McDowell, C. Luckey Partner Dallas +1.214.953.6571
McElvy, Meghan Dawson Associate Houston +1.713.229.1196
McEvilly, Kathryn Associate Houston +1.713.229.1394
McGovern, Michael Special Counsel Washington +1.202.639.7797
McGrath, Frederick H. (Buzz) Partner New York +1.212.408.2530
McIntyre, Stuart Partner London , Hong Kong +44.20.7726.3491
McNabb, Brooke Geren Partner Houston +1.713.229.1541
Meek, Kevin J. Partner Austin +1.512.322.5471
Mehta, Vishal Associate Washington +1.202.639.7732
Meier, Jared Associate Houston +1.713.229.1269
Melaney, Sarah Associate London +44.20.7726.3465
Merling, Jeremy Special Counsel New York +1.212.408.2574
Mihalkanin, Danielle Associate Palo Alto +1.650.739.7522
Mika, David Associate Houston +1.713.229.1345
Mikheeva, Natalia Associate Moscow +7.495.660.4107
Miles, Steven R. Partner Washington +1.202.639.7951
Miller, Mark A. Partner Washington +1.202.639.7714
Mink, Noah Associate Washington +1.202.639.7825
Mizrahi, Robin Partner London +44.20.7726.3448
Moen, Jenni R. Senior Associate Dallas +1.214.953.6809
Mollett, Scott H. Associate Palo Alto +1.650.739.7557
Montgomery, Robert Associate Austin +1.512.322.2611
Moore, Alice Associate Houston +1.713.229.1383
Moore, Bridget Partner Washington +1.202.639.7740
Moore, Jeremy Senior Associate Houston +1.713.229.1626
Morales, Christopher Associate Houston +1.713.229.1143
Morgan, Harry Associate Washington +1.202.639.7779
Morico, Paul R. Partner Houston +1.713.229.1732
Morin, James Associate Austin +1.512.322.2642
Morris, David Associate Houston +1.713.229.1313
Morten, Christopher Scientific Advisor New York +1.212.408.2650
Mortenson, R. Stan Senior Counsel Washington +1.202.639.7979
Munk, Jeff Partner Washington +1.202.639.7841
Murphy, Kimberly Associate Washington +1.202.639.7938
Murray Jr., Robert W. Partner New York +1.212.408.2540
Murry Jr., Harold D. Senior Counsel Washington +1.202.639.7722