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Name Title Office Phone Email
LaCour Jr., Edmund G. Associate Washington +1.202.639.7776
LaDriere, Megan Associate Dallas +1.214.953.6948
Lamb III, George C. Partner Dallas +1.214.953.6659
Lamb, William S. Partner New York +1.212.408.2557
Lancaster, Tara Senior Associate Dallas +1.214.953.6694
Landen, Paul B. Partner Houston +1.713.229.1173
Langley, R. Scott Special Counsel New York +1.212.408.2531
Lankler, Andrew M. Partner New York +1.212.408.2516
Lanneaux, Yvette Associate New York +1.212.408.2567
Larsen, Matthew L. Partner Dallas +1.214.953.6673
Laurusaite-Kromelis, Ausra Associate Houston +1.713.229.1238
Lavery, William Partner Washington +1.202.639.7713
Lawrence, John B. Senior Associate Dallas +1.214.953.6873
Layman, Jeff Partner Beijing , Hong Kong +86.10.8532.7968
Layrisson III, Louis E. Senior Associate Houston +1.713.229.1421
Leahy, Robert T. Associate Washington +1.202.639.7772
LeCointe, Michelle M. Special Counsel Austin +1.512.322.2580
Lee, Brian D. Partner Palo Alto +1.650.739.7519
Lee, Han Kyu Associate Washington +1.202.639.1326
Lee, Sandra Partner New York +1.212.408.2569
Lei, Jessica “Lu” Consultant Beijing +86.10.8532.7935
Lei, Jessica “Lu” Associate Beijing +86.10.8532.7935
Leifer, Steven L. Partner Washington +1.202.639.7723
Leitner, John Senior Associate New York +1.212.408.2539
Lemon, Neel Partner Dallas +1.214.953.6954
Lendaris, Steve Partner New York +1.212.408.2535
Lev, Ori Associate Houston +1.713.229.1307
Levin, Jeremy I. Partner Washington +1.202.639.7734
Levinson, Maxim F. Partner Moscow +7.495.545.0780
Lewis, Chequan Associate Dallas +1.214.953.6731
Lewis, Russell Partner Houston +1.713.229.1767
Lewis, Stan Associate Dallas +1.214.953.6882
Liang, Jeffrey Associate Palo Alto +1.650.739.7542
Lichman, Rachael L. Senior Associate Houston +1.713.229.1180
Lipe, Justin Associate Houston +1.713.229.1312
Little, J. Mark Associate Houston +1.713.229.1489
Litvinenko, Konstantin Senior Associate Moscow +7.495.545.0777
Liu, Kassity Y. Associate Washington +1.202.639.7753
Lobb, Jon Senior Associate Houston +1.713.229.1830
Locher, David Associate Washington +1.202.639.7750
Lonczak, Don J. Partner Washington , New York +1.202.639.7744
Lonsberg, John Vincent Partner Dubai , Riyadh +971.4.436.3680
Looper, Scott Associate Houston +1.713.229.1227
Loughlin, Charles Partner Washington +1.202.639.1104
Lowry, Richard A. Scientific Advisor Washington +1.202.639.7716
Lubke, Mysha Associate Austin +1.512.322.2541
Lucarelli, Andrew Associate Washington +1.202.639.1108
Lucas, Morgan S. Associate Washington +1.202.639.7798
Lugard, Paul Partner Brussels +32.2.891.7320
Lukin, Mitchell D. Partner Houston +1.713.229.1733
Luther, Paul T. Partner Washington +1.202.639.7987
Lynch, Walter Partner Houston +1.713.229.2020
Lynn, Jamie R. Senior Associate Washington +1.202.639.7786
Lyons, Maryanne Senior Counsel Houston +1.713.229.1632