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Name Title Office Phone Email
Baker, Andrew M. Partner Houston +1.713.229.1198
Baker IV, James A. Partner Washington , Hong Kong +1.202.639.7778
Baker, III, James A. Partner Houston , Washington
Baldwin, J. Michael Partner Houston 713.229.1646
Bangert, Ryan Partner Dallas +1.214.953.6915
Barker, Valerie Associate Austin +1.512.322.2680
Barkley, James H. Partner Houston +1.713.229.1373
Barron, Joshua Associate Washington +1.202.639.7701
Barrowes, Brooksany Partner Washington +1.202.639.7887
Barsamian, Bonnie A. Partner New York +1.212.408.2525
Barta, Michael J. Partner Washington +1.202.639.7703
Barth, Emil Senior Associate Washington +1.202.639.1103
Barzoukas, Nicolas Partner Houston +1.713.229.1103
Bassett, Blaine Associate Austin +1.512.322.2504
Batts, Harper Special Counsel Palo Alto +1.650.739.7509
Baxter, Jeff D. Partner Dallas +1.214.953.6791
Beas, Tyler Associate Dallas +1.214.953.6883
Beck, Jillian Associate Houston +1.713.229.1424
Becker, Jeff Associate Dallas +1.214.953.6526
Beckwith, Van H. Partner Dallas +1.214.953.6505
Behrman, Andrew M. Partner New York +1.212.408.2570
Bengtson, Mike Partner Austin , Houston +1.512.322.2661
Benhoff, Susan McColley Government Relations Advisor Washington +1.202.639.7831
Bennett, Jason Partner Houston , Moscow +1.713.229.1403
Bennett, Lisa Associate Austin +1.512.322.2627
Bennett, Michael B. Partner Houston +1.713.229.1209
Benskin, Krisa Senior Associate Houston +1.713.229.1120
Ben-Yaacov, Paige K. Partner Houston +1.713.229.1474
Berens, Sarah E. Associate New York +1.212.408.2593
Berge, Megan H. Senior Associate Washington +1.202.639.1308
Bernazal, Alyssia Associate Austin +1.512.322.2625
Bernhisel, Preston Partner Dallas +1.214.953.6783
Berrisch, Georg Partner Brussels +32.2.891.7340
Berry, J. Patrick Senior Counsel Washington +1.202.639.7746
Berthelot, Laure Senior Associate London +44.20.7726.3457
Bertolatus, Kathleen Weir Senior Associate Houston +1.713.229.2108
Bessey, Terrance L. Special Counsel Washington +1.202.639.1110
Bhavsar, Samir A. Partner Dallas +1.214.953.6581
Bibby, Gina Special Counsel Palo Alto +1.650.739.7538
Bin Saud Al-Rasheed, Mohanned Riyadh +966.11.464.3139
Birchfield, Brad Senior Associate Dallas +1.214.953.6570
Bisch, Mark Partner Dubai +971.4.436.3625
Bissonnette, Dennis Associate New York +1.212.408.2532
Blankenau, Lindsey Associate Houston +1.713.229.1372
Blons, Samantha Associate Houston +1.713.229.1433
Boardman, Albert J. Associate New York +1.212.408.2544
Bobinger, Jonathan D. Senior Associate Houston +1.713.229.1352
Bodosky, Michael P. Special Counsel Washington +1.202.639.7712
Bodron, Mark A. Partner Houston +1.713.229.1742
Boerman, Brian Senior Associate New York +1.212.408.2554
Boggs, Betsy (Elizabeth) Associate Palo Alto +1.650.739.7537
Boland, Sean Partner Washington +1.202.639.7799
Boren, Alison C. Partner Dallas +1.214.953.6827
Boren Jr., Bryant C. Partner Palo Alto +1.650.739.7501
Bourelly, Alex Partner Washington +1.202.639.7743
Bowling, Bradley Special Counsel Houston +1.713.229.1802
Boyce, Eileen Associate Houston +1.713.229.1343
Boyce, Maria Wyckoff Partner Houston +1.713.229.1922
Bradley, Lauren Tanner Associate Austin +1.512.322.2544
Brannen, Bucky Associate Dallas +1.214.953.6619
Bresson, Michael P. Partner Houston +1.713.229.1199
Bridge, Alex Scientific Advisor Dallas +1.214.953.6699
Broadaway, Samia Rogers Associate Austin +1.512.322.2676
Brooker, Katherine A. Associate Houston +1.713.229.1222
Brough, Graham Special Counsel London +44.20.7726.3480
Brown, Keri D. Senior Associate Houston +1.713.229.1436
Brown, Stephanie M. Associate Washington +1.202.639.7702
Brown-Sanford, Christa Partner Dallas +1.214.953.6824
Bruce, R. Coleson Senior Associate Houston +1.713.229.1233
Bull, Ryan E. Partner Washington +1.202.639.7986
Bullen, Keith Senior Associate Dubai +971.4.436.3655
Bumpers, William M. Partner Washington +1.202.639.7718
Burcat, Leah Associate Houston +1.713.229.1477
Burk, Samuel Senior Associate Houston +1.713.229.2129
Burke, Stephen Senior Associate Dubai +971.4.436.3665
Burkhardt, Chad D. Partner Dallas +1.214.953.6420
Burns, Luke L. Associate Houston +1.713.229.1327
Buthod, Tynan Partner Houston +1.713.229.1912
Butler, Rob Senior Associate London +44.20.7726.3426
Byers, Catherine Senior Associate London +44.20.7726.3447
Byrne, Brian R. Associate Brussels +32.2.891.7325