Professionals at Baker Botts frequently speak on relevant topics, present information regarding recent legal developments and regularly author various texts concerning timely legal issues. Listed below are references to some of those resources.
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Title Date Source Professionals

Transportation Department Proposes Enhanced Rail Car Standards and Controls for Trains Carrying Ethanol and Crude Oil

July 30, 2014 Energy Regulatory Update Janoe, J. Scott
Fore, Jessica
Wamstad, Kyle

U.S. Appellate Court Raises Questions Regarding Transparency of CFIUS Process

July 24, 2014 International Trade Update Baker IV, James A.
Layman, Jeff
Luther, Paul T.
Adams, Ama
West, Matthew T.
Faulk, Ginger
Christensen, Guillermo

Post-Grant Report - July 2014

Challenging Prior Art Status In Post-Grant Proceedings AND The Duty Of Candor: Letting The Truth Shine AND Case Alert -- Federal Circuit Reverses District Court Denying Stay Pending Covered Business Method Review

July 2014 Post-Grant Report Mansinghani, Roshan
Juffa, Katie
Brown-Sanford, Christa
Abraham, Ebby
DeBrow, Stephanie

Arbitration Report - July 2014

July 2014 Arbitration Report Goldberg, Michael S.
Alexander, Jay L.
Sutcliffe, Jonathan

U.S. Supreme Court to Review Federal Jurisdiction over State Tax Cases

July 11, 2014 Tax Update Larsen, Matthew L.
Neilson, Renn G.
Hunsaker, Matt
Young, Derek L.

IP Report July 2014

Rebalancing Indefiniteness: Nautilus v. Biosig AND Managing Antitrust Risks In Patent Licensing–Post-Expiration Royalties And Package Licensing

July 2014 Intellectual Property Report Lynn, Jamie R.
Ragusa, Paul A.
Eddon, Guy

Supreme Court Does Away with the Presumption of Prudence: What’s Next for Employer Stock Funds in 401(k) Plans and ESOPs?

June 27, 2014 ERISA Litigation Update Bennett, Michael B.
Bodron, Mark A.
Fowler, J. Rob
Raborn, James R.
Sales, Travis J.
Schiller, David
Stewart, Gail W.
Winwood, Eric

Post-Grant Report - June 2014

International Flavors - A True Guide For Amending Claims During an IPR? AND The Stats Tell The Story: Why Courts May Be More Likely To Grant Stays Based On IPR Proceedings

June 2014 Post-Grant Report Thompsen, Brett J.
Smoot, Adam

IP Report June 2014

Global Trademark Law Update: China And Canada AND Microsoft Corp. v. DataTern, Inc.: Suppliers’ Standing To Bring A Declaratory Judgment Action Based On Customer Suits

June 2014 Intellectual Property Report Albert, Julie Beth
Quilici, Jeffrey T.

D.C. Circuit Refuses to Stay SEC’s Conflict Mineral Deadline: Deadline to File Still Set for June 2

May 19, 2014 International Trade Update Faulk, Ginger
Wilcox, Jason
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