Professionals at Baker Botts frequently speak on relevant topics, present information regarding recent legal developments and regularly author various texts concerning timely legal issues. Listed below are references to some of those resources.
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President Obama Charts a New Course on U.S. Relations with Cuba

December 18, 2014 International Trade Update Luther, Paul T.
West, Matthew T.
Adams, Ama
Faulk, Ginger
Christensen, Guillermo
Wilcox, Jason

Post-Grant Report - December 2014

The "Substantial New Question" Standard Lives: The Increasing Importance Of Relying On New Art And Argument AND Reviewability Of Decisions To Institute An Inter Partes Review

December 2014 Post-Grant Report Rooney, Thomas
Pinckney, Ryan

Expert Analysis: Recent IRS Anti-Inversion Proposals

December 17, 2014 Article Lonczak, Don J.
Farrell, Peter

Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank International: Challenges in Identifying Patentable Subject Matter

December 16, 2014 Article Adland, Jesse

Baker Botts Year-End Perspectives: Scott Partridge

December 15, 2014 Q&A Partridge, Scott F.

Mexico Launches Round One Auction for Shallow Water Fields

December 15, 2014 Energy Update Solé III, Carlos A.
Tucker, Hugh
Giblin, Pamela M.
McArdle, Hamish

Texas Industry Project Quarterly Meeting – December 2014

December 12, 2014 Keane, Jennifer
Kuryla, Matthew L.
McDonald, Derek R.
Bertolatus, Kathleen Weir
Romo, Carlos
Williams, Paulina
Broadaway, Samia Rogers
Chandrasekaran, Devi
Craft, Zachary L.
Yang, Catherine

United States v. Todd Newman & Anthony Chiasson

December 11, 2014 Litigation Update Taube, Seth T.
Perry, Joseph
Bourelly, Alex
Moore, Bridget
Sterling, David D.
David, Danny

Property Tax Incentives for R&D Facilities in Texas

December 9, 2014 Article Neilson, Renn G.
Brannen, Bucky

Baker Botts Year-End Perspectives: Josh Davidson

December 8, 2014 Q&A Davidson, Joshua
(Showing 10 of 2845 results)