Law Students

FAQs Summer Program

1. Will I spend most of my Summer doing research in the library?
As a Summer associate, we want you to experience what it is like to be a lawyer within the office - both working with clients and getting to know our lawyers on a professional and personal level. To the extent possible, you will participate in client meetings, including closings and depositions. Social activities are also an important part of the Summer program and another way for you get to know the people who may soon be your colleagues.

2. What is the average number of weeks that Summer associates work?
Our Summer associates are required to work for a minimum of six weeks.  With ten week Summer programs in all seven domestic offices, the Summer associates stay anywhere from 6-10 weeks, depending on the market, the Summer associate’s year in law school and the Summer associate’s additional work commitments.

3. Are Summer associates exposed to multiple practice areas?
The formal rotation program varies across offices, but every Baker Botts office strives to give the Summer associates exposure to every area of interest and to lawyers from all sections.

4. Are Summer associates assigned mentors?
Just as our new lawyers are provided with mentors on day one, all Baker Botts’ Summer associates are assigned an advisor team, made up of two or more mentors.

5. Can a Summer associate do a rotation in another Baker Botts office?    
Rotations through multiple, domestic Baker Botts’ offices are a frequent occurrence in the Summer program.  We function as one firm and, if a Summer associate is unsure of their market, we will do our best to expose them to all that Baker Botts has to offer, in multiple cities.

6. Will I be given ongoing feedback?
Every Baker Botts Summer associate will have a formal review halfway through the clerkship and then again at the end of the clerkship.  Informal feedback will also be given by the assigning lawyers or the summer associate’s advisor team on a regular basis.

7. Does the firm encourage judicial clerkships?
Nearly 200 of our lawyers have clerked for federal and state appellate and trial courts across the nation, before working at Baker Botts.  The firm appreciates the value of that experience and willingly assists interested summer associates with the application process. We also offer a clerkship bonus and give appropriate credit for the year spent clerking.

8. Does the firm encourage pro bono work?
Baker Botts strongly encourages our lawyers to devote time to pro bono legal work. Time recorded by the lawyers on pro bono matters is valued on an equal basis with legal services provided to fee-paying clients.

9. When are offer decisions made?
All offers are extended after the Summer program has concluded.

10. Where do I send my resume?
Click here to apply for a Summer position.