Careers at Baker Botts

Professional Development

Challenging work for real clients provides some of the best training for our lawyers. However, on-the-job training is not always enough. Baker Botts strives to provide a comprehensive talent management approach for your career advancement with in-house training programs taught by our partners as well as outside consultants, a robust mentoring program and an in-depth formal evaluation process conducted annually.

The firm implemented the Associate Attributes Model, a blueprint to key expectations for associates at different experience levels. We have a series of four progressive levels. We strongly believe this model better serves associate development goals because there is flexibility for lawyers to advance at a personalized pace. Our approach also maintains a commitment to delivering excellent client service by ensuring our associates build requisite skills necessary for effective representation at every stage of their career.


Each Baker Botts associate has access to in-house professional development and CLE opportunities to improve his or her professional abilities in areas such as deposition and trial skills, deal negotiating, contract drafting, interpreting financial documents, legal writing, communications, legal project management and business development.

Our incoming class of new lawyers participate in the Lawyer Education and Associate Development Program (LEAD). LEAD consists of a series of firmwide professional development and information technology training sessions. The overall curriculum is designed to integrate our new lawyers into the culture of the firm and to orient them to associate best practices in a logical, consistent and thoughtful manner.


The overall goal of the firm’s mentoring program is to foster relationships that will allow you to feel comfortable seeking guidance and input from your mentor, accelerating professional growth and connection to the firm. The mentor’s role includes:

  • Assisting in acclimating you to the firm, including the department in which you practice
  • Monitoring and balancing your workload
  • Providing guidance and direction on specific training and professional development opportunities
  • Ensuring that you receive regular feedback

Feedback and Evaluations:

Feedback and communication are among the factors that associates identify as most important to their professional career satisfaction. We believe that evaluations should reflect the accurate and candid assessment of an associate’s performance, productivity, strengths, and areas for improvement. Baker Botts has an annual feedback and evaluation program to provide to all associates timely evaluations that are comprehensive and consistent.

Choosing the right career path is a vital decision, and we encourage you to ask us tough questions about our commitment to your development.