Education and Honors

  • J.D. (high honors), The University of Texas School of Law, 2002
    Order of the Coif
    Managing Editor, Texas Review of Law & Politics
  • B.A. (summa cum laude), political science and history, Hillsdale College, 1999
    President, Student Federation
    Outstanding Senior Man
  • Recognized as “Appellate MVP” by Law360, 2014

    Recognized by National Law Journal’s “Appellate Hot List,” 2008, 2011, 2014

    Recognized as “Rising Star” by Law360, 2011

    Recognized in Best Lawyers in America, Appellate Practice, 2015

    Recognized as “Fifth Circuit Litigation Star” by Benchmark Appellate, 2013

    Recognized as “Texas Super Lawyer,” Appellate Law, 2013 & 2014

    Recognized as a “Texas Rising Star,” 2006-2013

Admissions and Affiliations

State Bar of Texas

Admitted only in Texas. Not admitted in the District of Columbia. Practicing under the supervision of principals of the firm who are members of the District of Columbia Bar.

United States Courts of Appeals for the Second, Fourth, Fifth, Seventh, Ninth, Tenth and D.C. Circuits

United States District Courts for the Northern, Southern and Eastern Districts of Texas

United States Supreme Court

Board of Governors, Bar Association of the Fifth Federal Circuit

Board of Directors, Federalist Society, Houston Lawyers Chapter

Steering Committee, Texas Review of Law and Politics

Houston Bar Association, Appellate Section

Aaron Streett


One Shell Plaza
910 Louisiana Street
Houston, Texas 77002-4995
United States
The Warner
1299 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, D.C. 20004-2400
United States



Appellate litigation


Aaron Streett is the Chairman of Baker Botts’ Supreme Court and Constitutional Law Practice. He practices primarily in federal and state appellate courts. He has presented oral argument in over 20 appeals, covering the U.S. Supreme Court, the Texas Supreme Court, and various courts across the country, with concentrated experience in the Fifth Circuit and D.C. Circuit. Mr. Streett maintains an active practice in the Supreme Court of the United States, representing parties in merits cases six times since 2010, as well as filing numerous amicus and certiorari-stage briefs. In October Term 2013, he successfully represented petitioners in the noted securities case of Halliburton Co. v. Erica P. John Fund, Inc. In October Term 2014, Mr. Streett is set to argue in Baker Botts L.L.P. v. ASARCO LLC, a case presenting important questions about bankruptcy attorneys’ fees. Mr. Streett’s practice involves cutting-edge and high-stakes appeals in all substantive areas of the law, including commercial litigation, statutory interpretation, constitutional law, administrative law, securities and white-collar criminal defense.

Mr. Streett was recently named one of six “Appellate MVPs” for 2014 by Law360, which had previously recognized him in 2011 as one of the top five appellate “Rising Stars” under age 40. That publication stated that Mr. Streett’s “proclivity for courtroom presentation and a broad knowledge of constitutional law have helped [him] score victories in complex and high-stakes cases for clients in the energy, financial services, telecommunications and other industries.” Mr. Streett was also recently featured on National Law Journal’s Appellate Hot List for 2014. He was named a Fifth Circuit Litigation Star by Benchmark Appellate in 2013 and was recently recognized by Best Lawyers in America in Appellate Practice for 2015.

Following graduation from law school, Mr. Streett served as a law clerk to the Honorable David B. Sentelle of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit and to the Honorable William H. Rehnquist, Chief Justice of the United States.

Representative Engagements

United States Supreme Court

  • Argued securities case concerning the fraud-on-the-market theory for federal securities class actions, obtaining vacatur and favorable holding that defendants may present price-impact evidence to defeat class certification. (Halliburton Co. v. Erica P. John Fund, Inc., 134 S. Ct. 2398 (2014))
  • Obtained grant of certiorari to resolve question whether bankruptcy professionals may be compensated for time incurred defeating objections to their fee applications. (Baker Botts L.L.P. v. ASARCO LLC, No.14-103 (pending oral argument in early 2015))
  • Represented energy company in obtaining denial of cert to favorable decision and grant of cert to unfavorable decision in preemption cases arising out of California energy crisis. (Nevada v. Reliant Energy, Inc., No. 12-980, 133 S. Ct. 2853 (2013) (cert denied); ONEOK, Inc. v. Learjet, Inc., No. 13-271 (cert granted; pending oral argument in early 2015))
  • Served as co-counsel with Court-appointed amicus in support of judgment below, securing rare affirmance where United States declined to defend criminal sentence (Setser v. United States, 132 S. Ct. 1463 (2012))
  • Represented respondent in litigation addressing requirements for achieving class certification in securities actions (Erica P. John Fund, Inc. v. Halliburton Co., 131 S. Ct. 2179 (2011))
  • Represented respondent mutual-fund adviser in litigation establishing favorable standard for challenges to adviser compensation under the Investment Company Act (Jones v. Harris Associates, L.P., 559 U.S. 335 (2010))
  • Co-authored amicus brief for Veterans of Foreign Wars that was cited 12 times in the plurality and concurring opinions of the Court (Salazar v. Buono, 559 U.S. 700 (2010))
  • Successfully opposed U.S. Solicitor General’s petition for certiorari in case involving method for calculation of estate tax on stock in closely-held companies (Comm’r of Internal Revenue v. Estate of Jelke, 555 U.S. 826 (2008))

Federal Appeals

  • Argued for intervenor pipeline successfully defending FERC’s issuance of Natural Gas Act certificate against environmental and statutory challenges (MREPS v. FERC, 762 F.3d 97 (D.C. Cir. 2014))
  • Argued landmark “whooping cranes” appeal, obtaining reversal of judgment that had enjoined water permitting on Texas river basins and setting standard for proximate cause under Endangered Species Act (Aransas Project v. Shaw, 756 F.3d 801 (5th Cir. 2014))
  • Obtained affirmance of largest fee enhancement awarded to bankruptcy professionals in the history of the Bankruptcy Code (In re ASARCO, LLC, 751 F.3d 291 (5th Cir. 2014))
  • Defeated EEOC appeal challenging company’s retirement age for corporate pilots that mirrored FAA rule for airline pilots, resulting in first appellate decision on the issue in over 20 years (EEOC v. ExxonMobil Corp., 560 F. App’x 282 (5th Cir. 2014))
  • Defeated United States’ appeal of decision preliminarily enjoining under the Due Process Clause a federal statute imposing state-of-delivery taxes on Internet and mail-order sellers of tobacco products (Gordon v. Holder, 721 F.3d 638 (D.C. Cir. 2013))
  • Represented individual in case establishing standard for aiding and abetting under PSLRA (SEC v. Apuzzo, 689 F.3d 204 (2d Cir. 2013))
  • Lead counsel in obtaining favorable settlement on appeal in high-profile securities case (SEC v. Conrad Black, No. 12-3770 (7th Cir.))
  • Obtained affirmance of dismissal of multibillion-dollar dispute among energy companies over rights to Ecuadorean mineral concessions (Grynberg v. Ivanhoe Energy, Inc., 490 F. App’x 86 (10th Cir. 2012), cert. denied, 133 S. Ct. 941 (2013))
  • Represented asylum applicants in multiple Fifth Circuit appeals challenging BIA’s test for “social group” persecution claims, one of which resulted in reversal of BIA deportation orders (Orellana-Monson v. Holder, 685 F.3d 511 (5th Cir. 2012))
  • Persuaded D.C. Circuit to reinstate constitutional challenge to federal tobacco statute, resulting in statute being preliminarily enjoined on remand (Gordon v. Holder, 632 F.3d 722 (D.C. Cir. 2011), on remand, 826 F. Supp. 2d 279 (D.D.C. 2012)
  • Successfully represented Fortune 500 company in $28 million dispute with hedge fund over payments required under convertible indentures (Fluor Corp. v. Citadel Equity Fund, Ltd., 413 F. App’x 756 (5th Cir. 2011))
  • Successfully represented telecom, grocery, and data-management companies in persuading Fifth Circuit to reject multibillion-dollar claims in case of first impression under the Drivers Privacy Protection Act (Taylor v. Acxiom Corp., 612 F.3d 325 (5th Cir. 2010), cert. denied, 131 S. Ct. 908 (2011))
  • Persuaded Fifth Circuit to reverse bench-trial judgment in fiduciary-duty dispute over oil and gas leases (Fisher v. Miocene Oil & Gas Ltd., 335 F. App’x 483 (5th Cir. 2009))
  • Successfully represented domestic energy company in ERISA stock-drop class action presenting issues of first impression in the Fifth Circuit regarding the presumption of prudence for ERISA fiduciaries (Kirschbaum v. Reliant Energy, Inc., 526 F.3d 243 (5th Cir. 2008))
  • Assisted in persuading Second Circuit to reverse injunction against Remote Storage DVR under various provisions of Copyright Act (Cartoon Network LP v. CSC Holdings, Inc., 536 F.3d 121 (2d Cir. 2008), cert. denied, 557 U.S. 946 (2009))
  • Represented foreign energy company in obtaining dismissal of a multibillion-dollar lawsuit for lack of personal jurisdiction (Moncrief Oil Int’l Inc. v. OAO Gazprom, 481 F.3d 309 (5th Cir. 2007))
  • Persuaded Ninth Circuit to reject United States’ interlocutory appeal of key evidentiary ruling in criminal prosecution against domestic energy company, resulting in ultimate dismissal of all charges on favorable terms (United States v. Reliant Energy Servs., Inc., 188 F. App’x 629 (9th Cir. 2006))
  • Represented defendants in appeal of bank-fraud convictions (United States v. Agnew, 147 F. App’x 347 (4th Cir. 2005))

State Appeals

  • Obtained partial dismissal of claims against foreign energy companies for lack of personal jurisdiction (Moncrief Oil Int’l Inc. v. OAO Gazprom, 414 S.W.3d 142 (Tex. 2013))
  • Represented incumbent utility in stranded-costs litigation arising out of deregulation of Texas electric industry, resulting in recovery of additional $1 billion over amount awarded by court of appeals (State v. Pub. Util. Comm’n of Tex., 344 S.W.3d 349 (Tex. 2011))
  • Secured affirmance of summary judgment in antitrust litigation between pharmaceutical manufacturers alleging pre-merger conspiracy in violation of California’s Cartwright Act (Asahi Kasei Pharma Corp. v. Cotherix, Inc., 204 Cal.App.4th 1 (Cal. Ct. App. 2012))
  • Assisted in obtaining reversal of $1.7 billion jury verdict in securities-fraud case (Morgan Stanley & Co. v. Coleman (Parent) Holdings Inc., 955 So. 2d 1124 (Fla. App. 2007))


  • Obtained permanent injunction and consent decree on federal constitutional claims against Dallas ordinance, resulting in rare defeat for a local “flow control” law (Nat’l Solid Wastes Mgmt. Ass’n v. City of Dallas, 903 F. Supp. 2d 446 (N.D. Tex. 2012))
  • Obtained preliminary injunction under the Due Process Clause against federal statute imposing delivery-state taxes on Internet and mail-order sales of certain tobacco products (Gordon v. Holder, 826 F. Supp. 2d 279 (D.D.C. 2012))

Publications, Speeches and Presentations

  • “Percolating and Potential Legal Conflicts: Challenges for Lawyers and Judges,” Appellate Judges Education Institute, Dallas, November 2014 (panelist; paper co-authored with Ernest A. Young and Michelle Stratton)
  • “U.S. Supreme Court Practice: Nuts & Bolts,” State Bar Advanced Civil Appellate Course, Austin, September 2014 (paper co-authored with Evan Young)
  • “The First Amendment Rights of Corporations,” Harris County Civil Judicial Education Conference, Bastrop, August 2014
  • Basic Instinct: The Supreme Court Confronts the Fraud-on-the-Market Theory,” DRI Class Actions Conference, Washington, DC, July 2014 (paper co-authored with Shane Pennington)
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